Grow a green roof

Green roof

Green roofs increase biodiversity and ecosystem services in cities and urban areas: they bind air pollutants, reduce noise, prevent excessive rainfall on the ground, balance fluctuation in temperature, cool buildings, and prolong the life of roof structures. In addition, a green roof makes a nice view in the city.

Green roofs can be built on both new and old roofs.

There are special solutions for sloping roofs. In addition to private houses, cottages, sauna buildings and large flat roofs, green roofs are becoming more popular on top of car ports, service buildings and all kinds of decks. Their thickness varies from thin moss to abundant meadows. Choose the roof solution according to prevailing conditions, existing structures and sun exposure.

Green roofs and mounted solar panels complement each other: the panels provide shades for the plants and the plants help cool the panels. The cooler the platform, the more effectively solar panels will function.

The design and construction of a green roof requires expertise in structural loads and moisture control, for example, but otherwise green roofs are low maintenance.

  • If your housing company is about to renovate its roof material, green roof is a good option to explore. A green roof can be built on existing roof material, too.

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