Reduce emissions by 80% by changing from oil to geothermal heating

Geothermal heating

One geothermal pump is sufficient to heat all rooms and domestic water in one house all over Finland. It is not affected by weather variation like air water and air source heat pumps. It is an energy efficient, low-emission solution for new construction and for existing buildings with water-based heat distribution systems.

The newest geothermal pumps produce 3.5 kWh of heat per one kWh and will cut the need for bought energy to at least a third. A geothermal pump will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of living with up to 75% less emission.

Moving from oil to geothermal heating means major climate action.

A geothermal pump is an expensive investment but easy and affordable to use. Its technical lifespan is 30 years, and return from the investment can be expected in 7–10 years. Geothermal heating will increase the sales value of the property. The carbon footprint of the heat produced is approximately 30 g CO2/kWh.