How to influence in a housing company

Influence in a housing company

An elected board decides the matters of a housing company. The members of the board may come from very different backgrounds, and it may be difficult to pass new ideas. If you have a project in mind, present the idea in advance to gain support before the general meeting. You may want to contact building management, too.

Ecologically sustainable improvements include the building’s energy efficiency, choosing renewable forms of energy (e.g. solar, geothermal), better recycling, and more biodiversity in the yard, for example. To pass your idea in the housing company, consider the following:

  • Study the contribution clause of the housing company to learn what can be expected and whose responsibility it is to make changes.
  • Obtain background information on your project including images.
  • Present other properties where the project in question has been completed successfully with achieved financial and other benefits.
  • Invite an outside expert (consultant) to tell more about the project.

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